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International Yacht Restoration School

Coronet Schooner Yacht 

Being Restored in Rhone Island by I.Y.R.S. 

(Tiimberguy is not involved in the restoration of the Coronet,

only in the repurposing of the Planking, Futtock and Ceiling boards from the original vessel)

Steamer Trunk for the 2014 Summer Gala at the

International Yacht Restoration School in Rhode Island


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MARCH 2014

Chalkboards provided by Timberguy, The Bedford Project, 2011.

With my friend Andy Tiplady while I was demolishing a small barn in Wilmington RI.  Andy was the builder during This Old House "Barrington Beach House" project in 2012

Norm Abram accepting a piece of

"Coronet Yacht" oak from Timberguy, 

at Old Sturbridge Village.

 "Saw Mill Dedication" - 2013.

As Seen on This Old House

What a privilege it was for Timberguy to work along with the folks at This Old House, at the Bedford project, the Nathaniel Page Homestead.  Timberguy provided the beams that hang in the living room, also working closely with the team to resource other smaller timbers. 

In addition, Timberguy provided the chalkboards on either side of the pantry,

which were salvaged from a school in Saugus MA.  

7/8" thick double-walled metal pillars support the

8" X 8" hand-hewn beams, with aluminum standoffs, supporting four trapezoidal 3/4" sheets of glass.

Corista - West Concord MA

Glass Top Table

Design by David Honn - Fabrication by Timberguy and ArcArt

Grove Marketing

Conference Room Table

5/8" thick metal plate for access to wires fits snugly in the center of this old growth southern yellow pine, measuring 10 foot long.


Custom Made Furniture

Timberguy has a limited supply of the materials you see here.  All of the furniture from Timberguy is custom made to order.  Call today: 978-944-4470

Chalkboards salvaged from a schoolhouse in Saugus MA framed with floorboards from an Old Hardware store. 

10x10 20 foot long Southern Yellow Pine beams, delivered, custom cut and installed in this exclusive private home.

Custom Made Hardware.

Bedford MA - Private Residence - Speedwagon Partners

The Mystic Brewery in Chelsea MA features a set of metal entry doors salvaged from a Whistle mill in Charlestown, and are fully functional.  Inside patrons are welcomed into the tasting room by a solid oak serving counter, which accommodates all guests with its two tiered counter height.  Original glass and frames make up the large 4'x8' windows which allow a clear view of the production area.  These windows were rescued from a turn of the (last) century home in Weston MA.  A swinging door, with large solid brass double action hinges, made from the floorboards of an old Ice house in Billerica MA and a Large sliding barn door separate the Tasting room from the production area.  This sliding barn door hangs on a gargantuan 10"x13" solid southern yellow old growth beam measuring 25 feet long.  

~ How much do you think the beam weighs?  Send your guess to john@timbeguy.com

The Custom made lobby receptionist desk is made entirely with reclaimed wood materials.  Designed and Built By Adam Brant.

The boardroom table measures 23' Long and 5' 9" wide.  The base is made from 10x12 solid old growth southern yellow pine beams.  The top, also made from full length 3"x12" planks of southern yellow pine, has a finish as smooth as glass.  The table is outfitted with 5 power/communication ports. No wires are visible as these are hidden in the center leg. It is located in MIMECAST Headquarters

~ How much does the table weigh? Send your guess to john@timberguy.com

Mimecast Lobby and Conference Table.

Mimecast’s North American operations located at 480 Pleasant Street, Watertown MA.


CHELSEA MA -ADMIRALS SQUARE 174 Williams Street Chelsea MA

This private home features a 9'x9' sliding barn door, separating the living room from the Kitchen. Also a rustic coffee table with wheels salvaged from a massive safe, that was discovered in the basement of the home, that formally stood on the property.  

A fully functioning bar with a 27 foot long tasting shelf, made from a Beam from the Crosby Whistle Mill in Charlestown MA.