Coronet "Ceiling" Planks

For a rustic look, yet smooth to the touch, Coronet interior ceiling planks are rich with character and historic value.

At $150. sq/ft, its a budget friendly way to own a piece of international history.*

The "Summer Street"

Southern Yellow Pine.

$225. sq/ft.



​All of the furniture shown here is for sale and

available for immediate delivery or for Custom orders.

The prices shown are effective as of September 26, 2016.

Simply email or call 978-944-4470 to set up

delivery and payment options.

(Timberguy accepts all forms of payment including PayPal & Credit Cards)

The top doors feature artwork based on the etched glass on the Captains quarters on the Coronet

*Minimum Size order is 3'X4' Price does not include drawers or special features. Showroom Pickup only for Coronet Ceiling Plank Items. 

5 Hand Made Pens using Oak salvaged from the 1885 Schooner Yacht Coronet. BULK DISCOUNT $999.00

Modern Cabinetry is wrapped in Original timbers from the 1885 Schooner Yacht Coronet.

6' tall, 30" wide and only 13" deep.  

Features a deep drawer and two doors with three shelves.  

The "Converse"

Oak Pilings salvaged from the Lovejoy Wharf in Boston.

Wrapped in softened edge metal, set atop an "invisible" base, custom orders start at $250. sq/ft

Hand Made Pen using Oak salvaged from the 1885 Schooner Yacht Coronet.  $225.00

Hand Made Pen using Belgian Oak, salvaged during a construction project in Brookline MA.   $175.00

The "Corista"

Polished edge glass set atop reclaimed beams, supported by oversized metal legs. 

$220 sq/ft

The "Coronet Planking"

Custom sizes:  $300. sq/ft

Office Table featuring timbers salvaged from Summer Street in Boston.

42" Wide x 96" Long x 30" High


(Custom orders available)

Delivery and set up options available

Conference Room Tables

Timberguy Specializes in Large Conference Room Tables.

Featuring Rock Hard Southern Yellow Pine salvaged from Summer Street in Boston, Character rich oak from Boston Harbor, hand planed timbers from the 1885 Schooner Yacht Coronet and other historic reclaimed timbers salvaged from throughout

New England, custom orders start at $150- sq/ft

Coronet Cabinet:


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Coronet Steamer Trunk 

Made from one original 17' long Planking Board from the 1885 Schooner Yacht Coronet, this "steamer trunk" features pull out drawers (File size) and a rustic patina, with an

ultra smooth finish on top.


(Custom sizes available)

Door Pulls are hand made from Bronze nails salvaged from the original Coronet, built in 1885 in Brooklyn NY.

Smaller Items for Sale:

While its true, Timberguy builds large Conference Room Tables

(The longest one is 30 feet and the largest one is over 200 sq/ft)

We also make smaller items, featured below:

Delivery is available and shipping to certain destinations may be extra.

The "Rye NY"

Coronet Planking Dining Table

​Made from the Oak Planking salvaged from the

Coronet during restoration at IYRS in Newport RI.  

Table shown is 10'L 48"D 30"H

Wrapped with a softened 2" metal edge, resting atop two 3" thick panels, this table is designed to endure as long as the Coronet (125 years at sea!)

Custom Orders: $375. sq/ft​

Hand Made Pen using Southern Yellow Pine salvaged from the KEEL of the 1885 Schooner Yacht Coronet.  $345.00

Coronet Themed Coffee Table.

Made using timbers from the 1885 Schooner Yacht Coronet.

30"W x 40"L x 18.5"H


Coffee Table featuring timbers salvaged from Summer Street in Boston.

​Stained Dark Walnut.

30" Wide x 40" Long x 16" High


(Custom orders available)